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2020 was going to be the year!!! Coming off an incredible 2019 where we traveled to New Zealand and then 2020. The year of firsts, the year of major milestones in cycling. In the beginning, it was awesome! The strongest economy in over 40 years, a great rhythm at work, my cycling miles ramping up and then……. COVID-19. I kept cycling. Exercise harder, ride farther, ride faster, keep the lungs and heart as strong as I can. Avoid the media spin and constant death count. Such sick companies that exploit diseases to drive profits and ratings. Keep riding, ride faster, ride stronger, ride farther, strengthen the lungs and heart. All events go virtual, cancer, MS, Hunger, they didn’t quit. Neither will I. Ride farther, ride faster, ride stronger. Feel the heart beat, feel the lungs burn. Climb the harder hills. It’s not for me. It’s for everyone that suffer from these diseases. Over 630,000 will die from cancer in 2020. Millions diagnosed with MS. Millions more face hunger as companies close or downsize. People live in fear, the fear created and driven deep by the exploiters. Ride farther, ride faster. Ride harder. Work the heart and the lungs. I will not quit. I cannot let those who suffer lose hope because of Covid-19. Every hill, every breath, every stroke of the pedal could be the one that brings a cure. COVID-19 hit hard to so many, but cancer didn’t quit, MS didn’t quit, Hunger didn’t end. So as long as I can, I’ll ride. I’ll ride for those who can’t. I’ll ride for those who feel their hope failing. I’ll ride for those who feel the pain of their disease every single day. I’ll ride when all seems lost. I’ll ride to bring awareness. I’ll ride to raise support. I’ll ride to bring hope!!! When I feel that doubt twist inside my head, I’ll ride farther. I’ll ride faster, I’ll ride harder. I’ll ride…..

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